An interview with the Head of Legal at a FinTech superstar


Originally from Lancashire, 31-year-old Ahmed Badr moved to London in 2003 to study medicine. But after deciding that medicine wasn’t right for him, he left university to take a year out before returning to study business. Now, seven years later, he’s a qualified solicitor and the Head of Legal at the booming FinTech company GoCardless.

In this frank interview, he reveals how he made those all-important career decisions…

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How to Get Into the World of Active Trading


Active trading has surged in popularity over the past decade as Internet connections have become faster and more sophisticated programs for advanced computers have been created. Due to developments such as these, today’s traders are armed with better tools to execute trades faster and easier.

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How to break into private equity


So you want to work in private equity (PE)? And why wouldn’t you? You’ll be working with some of the brightest minds in finance, help troubled businesses become more profitable, and earn a pretty penny for your efforts!

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A day in the life of an R and D Tax Advisor


At 31, Justin Arnesen is already the Director of R&D Tax & Grants for the global consulting firm, Ayming. Born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa, he moved to New Zealand to play football when he was 22, and soon landed a consultancy role with Deloitte. In 2015 he moved to London where he joined Ayming. Here he tells us what a typical day in his job is like…

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Interview with Darren Westlake at Crowdcube

Launched in 2011, crowdfunding platform Crowdcube has more than 300,000 registered investors and has helped more than 421 businesses raise in excess of £200 million in just five years. We spoke to co-founder Darren Westlake to get the lowdown on what life is like as a high-flying entrepreneur.

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