A day in the life of a Commodities Trader

Rob Halliday-Stein is the Founder and Managing Director of Bullion By Post – an online bullion dealer based in Birmingham. Before launching the business in 2009, Rob studied Economics at Sheffield University…

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How to Get Into the World of Active Trading

Active trading has surged in popularity over the past decade as Internet connections have become faster and more sophisticated programs for advanced computers have been created. Due to developments such as these, today’s traders are armed with better tools to execute trades faster and easier.

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What is the future of front-office trading roles?

Today, more than a third of UK equity trading is generated via high-frequency trading (HFT). In the US, the figure is even higher – an estimated 60% or more.

These figures, from the Government’s comprehensive Future of Computer Trading report, are a stark reminder of just how much our financial markets have already been transformed by rapid technological change.

As the wave of HFT and algorithmic trading continues to rise, we take a look at what it means for the future of front-office trading roles.

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