A day in the life of a forex professional

Nandik Barbhaiya is Head of E-commerce at the award-winning forex brokerage, ForexTime (FXTM). Originally from India, Nandik completed his MBA in Marketing and HR from the James Cook University in Singapore and moved to London in 2009. He has over a decade of marketing experience, and has worked across Media, Radio, Retail and Finance. In mid-2016 he joined ForexTime – and hasn’t looked back!

What time does your alarm go off?
At 5.30am. A typical working day in the forex industry has an early start as we work across multiple time zones.

When do you usually arrive into the office?
I’m in the office every day at 8am. I operate from the company’s central London location and the earlier I start the better chance I have of communicating across all global markets.

What’s the first thing you do once you arrive? (After making yourself a cup of coffee or tea!)
I go through my emails and check progress on all ongoing internal projects. We often have our company meetings first thing as well, which is a great way to ensure all team members are prepared for the day ahead and are on track to meet their deadlines throughout the week.

A day in the life of a forex professional

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What happens at lunchtime?
I’m a firm believer in having some free time to relax during the working day and the company encourages everyone to take their lunch breaks. Employees usually use this as a chance to catch up with colleagues away from their desks and the company regularly provides us with snacks and cakes – which is perfect for when you’re feeling a little stressed after a hard morning’s work!

What does a typical afternoon look like?
A typical afternoon involves progressing work on the company’s marketing strategies and developing our online channels to increase brand awareness. We also organise a lot of team brainstorms to discuss and develop new ideas for the company website and software to help set us apart from our competitors.

What’s the best thing about what you do?
I love that my job is so varied and fast-paced – there’s always a new, exciting project in the pipeline. Forextime is a very ambitious company and employs like-minded people who embrace the company ethos. I really enjoy working with such driven, ambitious people who enjoy their work as much as I do.

A day in the life of a forex professional

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Are there any downsides?
The forex industry is quite fast-paced, which is very suited to me, but could possibly be considered a downside for those who prefer a slower pace at work.

What time are you usually home?
I finish work at 5pm most days, but will stay later on the odd occasion if something comes up last-minute that’s urgent and needs to be resolved quickly. FXTM does not encourage employees to work overtime on a regular basis, as it believes people need to relax during their free time, so they arrive to work feeling refreshed each day.

What do you know now that you wish you’d known when you were leaving university?
That it’s actually exciting to step into unknown territories in the world of work and that new experiences can be both fun and challenging at the same time.

What single piece of advice do you have for today’s finance and business graduates?
Don’t limit yourself and give yourself boundaries! If you are determined and persevere, you will be pleasantly surprised at all the great things you achieve.

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