5 top FinTech jobs

Another week, and another flourishing FinTech company is making headlines. Whether it’s working for a record-breaking crowdfunder like Crowdcube or a booming B2B business like GoCardless, FinTech jobs are in high demand, exciting and very rewarding.

Working in FinTech means being part of a broad and flourishing British industry that’s recognised around the world. Here’s our pick of some of the best FinTech jobs around… 

Financial Modeller

As you’d expect, the role of Financial Modeller varies considerably according to the organisation. Because, ultimately, as a financial modeller you’ll be building representations (or models) of actual, real-life financial situations – and these vary depending on the business and its potential outcomes. That said, in all cases you’ll be gathering historical data, crunching numbers and developing complex models to assess everything from security to profit.

In general, financial modellers have excellent problem-solving skills, are open-minded – you’ll need to see the bigger picture as well as the fine detail – and confident in making decisions.

5 top FinTech jobs

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Quantitative Analyst

Quantitative Analysts – or “quants” as they’re also called – are the brains behind financial algorithms. Traditionally, Quantitative Analysts have created algorithms for trading floors, but with the explosion of FinTech trading start-ups and the plethora of products they’ve given rise to, they’re in greater demand than ever.

As a Quantitative Analyst working in FinTech you could be developing algorithms used by investment tools for big banks – or for Joe Bloggs! You’ll generally need a first degree or a master’s in stock-market finance, quantitative analysis or financial mathematics and a passion for numbers.

C++ Developer

There’s a tonne of roles out there for C++ developers; programming languages are in high demand across the FinTech world. Whether it’s working with big data technologies or quantitative developers, the breadth of fascinating roles available will amaze you. A keen interest in finance will help, so do your homework and read relevant publications like the Financial Times and CityAM.

5 top FinTech jobs

Financial Systems Engineer

As a Financial Systems Engineer you could be working in cloud, mobile, IT trading, or in application support as a Quantitative Analyst Support Developer – and plenty more. There are so many different roles for financial systems engineers and the list just keeps growing as the FinTech industry gets bigger and bigger.

You could find yourself working for a peer-to-peer lending company like LendInvest, or a business like TransferWise, which matches people looking to send currencies in different directions so that they don’t end up paying bank charges.

Calypso Developer

There’s been some demand for Calypso Developers as FinTech companies across the UK choose Calypso software for their trading and risk applications. As a Calypso Developer you might help a company migrate to the software or manage its daily use, by working with business stakeholders and business analysts to understand the functionality and formalise technical requirements.

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