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Monday the 23rd of May saw the  launch of CityJobs’ new mobile site… and it has been a long time coming!

Over the last year a growing number of visits to the site have been made via mobile enabled devices – with smart phones topping the list of units through which one can access CJ. However, anyone attempting to browse our site would have been able only to view the “desktop” version, and would not have been able to make an application to an advertised job. The new mobile site rectifies that, with a bespoke platform for browsing and applying to jobs whilst using your phone – or your preferred internet-enabled gadget.

Our new Mobile Site sees proportionally more of it’s traffic arriving from mobile devices than any of it’s partner businesses. This stands to reason when we consider the relative affluence of The City, and the likelihood of finance professionals to be using the latest generation phones and gadgets. Busy people on the move want to to be able to use the internet on the move . As Wi-Fi becomes ever more accessible across London the ability to surf whilst you walk is growing every day and this latest aspect of provides users with the option of applying to jobs wherever they can get online on their phone. We hope you find it useful…

Russell Byrne

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