What is blockchain and how can I get a job in it?


Keen readers of this blog will have already spotted our 4 financial sectors set to boom post published last month. In that post we identified cryptocurrencies and ICO (initial coin offering) as a key area tipped for growth in 2017.

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How to ask for a pay rise when you work in finance – the ultimate guide


You work in finance – asking for a raise should be a doddle, right? Well it will be once you’ve read this guide. 

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How can I break into fintech?


The UK’s flourishing fintech market is worth a staggering £6.6bn and employs more than 61,000 people. Interested? You should be. Here’s how to make your CV stand out in this dynamic and booming industry… 

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4 financial sectors set to boom in 2017


We take a closer look at four of the financial sectors trending up this year.

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A day in the life of a Corporate Analyst for HSBC’s Mid-Market Enterprises

Saajid Patel Saajid Patel graduated from university in 2014 before joining the Executive Trainee Graduate Scheme with HSBC.

Based in Croydon and aged 25, Saajid now works as a Corporate Analyst while studying part-time towards his MSc Banking Practice & Management qualification at The London Institute of Banking & Finance, where he’s also a Student Representative on the Board of Governors.

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